Winter Driving Tips to Improve Your Drive

Winter Driving Tips to Improve Your Drive

Winter Driving Tips

Winter can be the harshest and most unpredictable season of the year, and that can lead to unfortunate accidents. Knowing how to handle winter road conditions is half the battle. Don’t get caught off-guard this coming season. Here are some winter driving tips from us here at Wright Buick GMC.

  • Prepare – Preparing for winter can drastically reduce the amount of problems you may encounter. Fresh anti-freeze can keep your engine from freezing up, while an oil change will allow your vehicle to operate at peak efficiency. Check your battery for defects or purchase a new one if yours is more than a few years old.
  • Pay Attention – Drifting off and losing focus are just two problems many drivers face during winter. Cruise control can seem appealing but it can actually hinder your ability to react to the road. By activating cruise control on snow- or ice-covered roads, you lose valuable reaction time. Make sure you have maximum control of your vehicle at all times.
  • Supply Kit – In the event something does happen and you’re stranded on the road waiting for help, make sure you have a supply kit ready. Fill the kit with nonperishable food, water, extra clothes, blankets, and other necessary items.

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