Tailgating Tips to Remember Before the Big Game

Tailgating Tips to Remember Before the Big Game

Whether you’re heading to your kid’s high school homecoming game or getting ready to cheer on your favorite football team, there’s no better way to pep yourself up for a big game like tailgating. It’s become a fall-time tradition, but how can you make your pre-game experience even better? We’ve put together some tailgating tips that you should remember before you pack up your vehicle and head out.

Tailgating tips

Plan ahead.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the parking lot and realizing you forgot the burgers for the grill or beverages for the cooler. Make sure you’re well-prepared by creating checklists before you head out. This should help ensure you have everything you need.

Create a warming oven in your cooler.

Want to keep some of your sides warm but don’t want to lug a microwave along with you? Turn your cooler into a warming oven. At home, just heat up some bricks wrapped in aluminum foil. Line the bottom of your cooler with wet tea towels, place your warm bricks on top, and there you go — you have a warming oven!

Utilize cupcake wrappers for a bug-free experience.

No one likes finding a bug in their drink. Turn some cupcake wrappers upside down and place them on top of your cups or cans. You can even poke a hole in the top for a straw, so you have easy access to the beverage of your choice.

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