Have You Packed Your Summer Car Emergency Kit?

Have You Packed Your Summer Car Emergency Kit?

summer car emergency kit

Most drivers are prepared for vehicle emergencies in the winter with supplies like first-aid kits and warm clothes and blankets, but emergencies in the summer months also call for plenty of preparation. Here’s what you should pack in your summer car emergency kit:

  • Blanket:

    It’s not just in winter that you might need a blanket. If you become stranded under hot, direct sunlight, you can use a blanket (a reflective one, if possible) to create some shade.

  • Water:

    Don’t let dehydration slow you down or threaten your health when your car breaks down. Keep a pack of bottled water in your trunk just in case.

  • Phone charger:

    In today’s world, the safest way to get help when your car breaks down is to call a friend or roadside assistance. Ensure that you can do so by keeping a working phone charger in your car at all times.

  • Visibility gear:

    Driving after dark increases in the summer months due to warmer weather. Make sure you have flares, hazard triangles, and a flashlight in case your car breaks down at night. A reflective vest will keep you safe if you must work on your car along the shoulder of the road.

  • Toolkit:

    If you know how to make small repairs to your vehicle, keep a small toolkit on hand. If you’re not sure what you are doing under the hood, however, this is better left to professionals.

These are just some of the many things to have handy in the name of preparedness. If you need any tips—or any accessories for your vehicle—stop into Wright Buick GMC.

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