How to Celebrate the Start of Spring

How to Celebrate the Start of Spring

Spring is a great time of year here in Pennsylvania. The first day of spring this year falls on Tuesday, March 20th, so if you want to celebrate the start of spring, here are a few suggestions.

celebrate the start of spring - Wright Buick GMC - Wexford, PA

  • Plant a garden. Spring is the ideal time of year to start planting. Garden vegetables like peas, lettuce, and asparagus also do well with a cool start, and add some vivid flowers like petunias or primroses.
  • Go for a hike. Take in the beauty of the season with a walk through Pine Haven Park, Graham Park, or your favorite nature area.
  • Learn about cultural celebrations. For some cultures, the vernal equinox (start of spring) is one of the most important times of the year. One popular celebration is the Hindu Festival of Colors or Holi, which can last up to 16 days.
  • Try a new recipe. Enjoy some seasonal flavors and try a new recipe. Fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberries, asparagus, and cherries come into season in the spring.
  • Create a bouquet. Collect some spring wildflowers and collect them into beautiful bouquets. After a few days, the flowers should be dry, and you can press them between wax paper to create bookmarks or other mementos.

Spring is one of our favorite seasons at Wright Buick GMC, so get out and enjoy!

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