How to Warm Up Your Car Faster in the Winter

How to Warm Up Your Car Faster in the Winter

warm up your car fasterWe’re in the middle of winter, and it seems like the weather has turned a lot colder in the last few weeks. If you’re having trouble getting your car warm, follow these easy tips on how to warm up your car faster!

First of all, your car will warm up much more quickly if you’re driving it than if you’re sitting idle. Turning the car on twenty minutes before you drive it doesn’t really do much besides waste gas. In fact, idling for long periods of time can actually degrade your engine’s performance, and isn’t good for the environment.

If you have several tasks to run and you’ll be shutting your car on and off as you go into multiple stores, do the task at the furthest location from home first. This gives the car more time to warm up, and it’ll stay warmer throughout the trip.

It can also help to turn your recycled air system on, so you’re not pulling in as much new cold air and instead you’re reusing the warm air already in your car.

These are a few ways you can stay more comfortable while driving in the winter. For more tips on winter driving, give us a call today at Wright Buick GMC!

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