How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Is your car ready to face to frosty mornings and freezing nights? Use these tips from Wright Buick GMC to prepare your vehicle for winter, and you’ll be safe, confident, and cozy all season long.

Check Your Tires

Cold weather can be hard on everyone and everything, including your tires. They’re more liable to crack at this time, and may also have some major fluctuations in air pressure, so check your tires regularly for worn tread, signs of damage, and low air pressure. Keeping your tires at the right air pressure and replacing them when damage occurs will help your vehicle perform safely in snow and ice.

Check Your Battery

Your car battery is also affected by low temperatures, which can cause weaker batteries to die. Have your battery checked to see that it’s in a condition fit for winter, and avoid needing a jump or a tow later.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Even if your battery has been checked, it’s still always a good idea to keep jumper cables in your car, as well as other emergency tools like a spare tire and a jack. In the winter, amp up your kit with blankets, extra warm clothes, hand warmers, bottled water, snacks, and anything else you might need should you end up stuck in the snow for a few hours.

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