Five Tips for Preparing your Car for Fall

Five Tips for Preparing your Car for Fall

Fall is the perfect time for a scenic drive. Don’t forget winter is coming up quick, though. Here are five tips for preparing your car ready for fall to ensure you stay safe no matter the conditions out there.


Check Battery

Colder temperatures put extra strain on your car battery. Before you end up stranded in the driveway or far from home, check your battery to make sure it’s fully charged and ready for harsher conditions. If it’s damaged or corroded, replacing it now is an easy way to avoid trouble down the road.

Test Brakes and Tires

Fall is the perfect time to make sure your tires have plenty of tread and are properly aligned. Worn tires will underperform and as driving conditions become increasingly unpredictable, decreased handling capability is an accident waiting to happen. While you’re at it, make certain your brakes are working the way they should.

Double Check Lights

Take a lap around your vehicle and test all of your exterior lights, including your emergency flashers. Driving in wet, icy, or snowy conditions without all of your lights is dangerous for you and drivers around you.

Replace Wipers

If your windshield wipers are cracked, worn, or otherwise broken, it’s time to replace them. Wipers are cheap to replace but absolutely crucial, especially when winter is right around the corner.

Get a Wash and Wax

Not only does a clean car make it easier to spot potential problems, a new coat of wax will prevent dirt and corrosive salts from building up on your car’s exterior. Perhaps a car wash seems like a summertime activity, but extra protection against the elements is particularly important in the fall and winter months.


With these simple tips, you’ll be ready when the weather turns ugly. And to find the perfect vehicle for those scenic fall drives, come into Wright Buick GMC today!

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