Will We Be Seeing the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Pittsburgh?

Will We Be Seeing the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Pittsburgh?

At Wright Buick GMC, we love where we live. Serving the great people of Pittsburg is a pleasure day in and day out, especially when we get to talk sports. Pittsburg is the home of some excellent teams, and may soon be the home to a pretty big football game—but not the football you’re thinking.

Recently Pittsburg has been planning a bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Our hometown is just one of a few dozen U.S. cities who were looking to bid on this honor. Hosting a huge Fédération Internationale de Football Association event such as this one would be an exciting step for Pittsburg, and would bring in tons of visitors to the city.

Of course, Pittsburg is no novice when it comes to hosting big sporting events, and not even when it comes to soccer. Should the Pennsylvania city win the bid, the World Cup would be held at Heinz Field, which has been the host of many significant soccer events in the past. That and the city’s central location may give Pittsburgh the upper hand in this bid. Only time will tell, but have our fingers crossed. We would love to see our city host such a significant, international sporting event.

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