2018 GMC Terrain Transmission Receives New Interface

2018 GMC Terrain Transmission Receives New Interface

The traditional transmission has been around for decades, but now a change is coming, starting with the 2018 GMC Terrain. The SUV features a brand new transmission interface designed to help streamline driving. The new 2018 GMC Terrain transmission interface is an indication that GMC will continue to lead the industry in innovation.

The 2018 GMC Terrain debuts with a new transmission shifter design that replaces the traditional stick. While other automakers are looking toward a rotary dial, GMC is sticking with buttons and toggles.

Dubbed “Electronic Precision Shift,” the new transmission comes in six- and nine-speed variants in the GMC Terrain. It’s comprised of three buttons and two switches.

In order to shift, drivers must put their foot on the brake, then reach behind the switch for “reverse” or “drive.” Pulling the switch forward will cause the transmission to shift into the selected gear. Pushing the buttons will take the car into Park, Neutral, and Low gears.

The new transmission interface is located below the radio controls. Its position creates more space near the cup holders. More storage space, a popular demand among drivers, is available as well.

Many automakers are moving away from a traditional shifter in preparation for autonomous cars. Self-driving cars will use electronic controls, not a stick shift.

We at Wright Buick GMC are glad to see General Motors continuing to innovate and prepare for the future.

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