New Buick Regal Hatchback Announced

New Buick Regal Hatchback Announced

The Buick Regal midsize sedan hasn’t been doing too hot lately, and the automaker is taking measures to turn the car around. Instead of a basic redesign or features upgrade, Buick is taking the Regal in a new direction. The new Buick Regal hatchback will be the first on the lineup in nearly 20 years.

We’ve already gotten a glimpse of the new Regal hatchback at the Geneva Auto Show. The new Regal is expected to be a rebadged version of Europe’s Insignia Grand Sport hatchback and Insignia Sports Tourer.

Midsize sedan sales have been dropping for the past few years, and while it’s far from a dying segment, automakers are pushing away for the time being. Midsize sedans have seen a 20% decrease in sales in January and February of this year alone.

Crossovers accounted for more than half of Buick’s total United States sales last year. The new Buick Regal hatchback will offer a similar sedan style while offering the versatility of a hatchback.

The 2018 Buick Regal made its debut on April 4th at the Warren Technical Center in Detroit. Buick brought the nameplate back in 2010. The new Regal will be built at a German factory alongside similar models under the Opel brand.

We at Wright Buick GMC can’t wait for the arrival of the new Regal hatchback!

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